The Oops! in Sex

Embarrassing Moments During Intimacy

We are human. As humans we have moments in time that embarrass us. Some moments are more humiliating than others while some are simply human.

Sex is a prime time for our humanity and all of its indelicate nature to catch us off guard and send the blush of embarrassment from the tips of our toes to the roots of our hair. Everyone has moments where the wind passed during an intimate act or where we have been clumsy during sexual acrobatics. These are our “oops” moments. We never intend for it to happen nor do we intentionally set out to create them; they just happen.

It is up to the players as to how they handle these moments. Some of us hide in the bathroom while others laugh it off. Some people opt to disappear and never be heard from again while others choose to remember the humor of prior gaffs. Any way we go about it we deal – or not.

Accidental mishaps occur during our most intimate moments because we are relaxed and more interested in each other than we are in keeping reign on our bodies. A partner that understands you knows that unexpected sounds may make themselves known in the most obtrusive of ways. It’s okay. Your partner is human, too. They have indelicate instances as well.

Learn to laugh at your humanity. The less you are intimidated by these brief minutes of unintentional rude behavior the sooner you can shake them off and pick up where you and your partner left off. Everyone has times when they fart or fall off the bed; they just don’t talk about them publicly. That is unless it was really funny. Sex is sex. A friend of mine once used the term “bumping uglies” when referring to sex. There is more truth in that phrase than most realize. There is nothing pretty about sex. There may be a beauty to sex found in the connection between two people but it is not a pretty sight.

So embrace your body and theirs in all of its repulsive glory and have fun.