Weird Sex News

In weird sex news, via the Stranger, a 24-year-old man and his new Internet friend allegedly conspired to kill and perform strange sex acts with the man's parents, making the Menendez case look boring in comparison. 

The conspirators met on a website dedicated to Furries. For those of you who are unaware of the Furries phenomemen, furries are people who like to dress up like furry creatures for sexual gratification. Wikipedia writes about them here

On the day of the attempted crime, the man and his parents watched a DVD together while his friend hid in the park, waiting to receive a text message telling him that Mom and Dad were asleep. After receiving the all-too-important message, Mr. Skarnes (the friend) then entered the bedroom of the parents wielding a kitchen knife and for some reason, started to sleep next to the father.  

In a bizarre turn of events, the father woke up and went downstairs to where the mother was sleeping. Apparently, the mother used a soothing voice to calm her would-be attacker, making me wonder if a hugs for guns campaign would ever be effective here in the United States. 

While I am thankful that the parents in the article were ok, I am disappointed that the article did not specify what exactly the sex crimes were going to be. Since the "friends" were furries, do you think they were going to dress up the parents in some sort of bunny costume before killing them? The motivation for the attempted murder also remains unclear. The only saving grace to the whole weird story is that it happened in the United Kingdom and not here. 


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