Saudi Sex Scandal?

A Saudi Arabian man was arrested for talking about his sex life on TV recently and I once again have to say WTF? The man was in Lebanon on a TV show called "Red Lines" when he crossed a few cultural boundaries and definitely went into the TABOO zone for many Arabs. 

What was his crime? What juicy details did he reveal? Apparently, the man talked about picking up women (don't we have an entire TV show devoted to that very topic?), sexual conquests (daily political headlines in the United States) and foreplay.  All of this seemed to appear on a daily basis during the after school specials of my youth, which is maybe why my generation is so depraved.

Since the airing of the video and subsequent arrest of Abdul Jawad, the video has become yet another You-Tube sensation and reportedly shows him cruising the streets and showing off his collection of sex-toys.

In a country in which men and women aren't allowed to co-mingle, this is a big fricking deal. No charges have been filed yet, but I can't imagine that there is a disinterested party in the Arab world. If Americans (who are sometimes seen to be the Puritans of the west) are interested in any kind of sex scandal, imagine how much this both  incited rage in Islamic fundamentalists and the interest of the young teens there.

The man has “begged for forgiveness” publicly and even cried for shame.

In case you are wondering, Abdul Jawad is not an elected official, nor is he a super-star who serves as a role model for the eastern world. The dude is a divorced airline employee who has now seemingly become a symbol of all that is wrong with the evil western influences of sex in the Arab world.

So, the next time you are considering bragging about your sex life on TV, just consider the simple fact that you would not even be allowed to do so in Saudi Arabia. Also, you may wish to consider the fact that all sex scandals are not created equal. I mean, seriously, a divorced man brags about his sex life and it is international news? If they want to hear some men bragging about their sex lives, they should meet some of my university friends.

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