Banging on a budget

Banging on a budget

Hooking up in public places with discretion

Vulgar titled aside, those of us who have budget traveled before know exactly what this phrase alludes to. It can be very hard to make relations while living on a shoestring. Dorm beds are immensely cheaper than singles or doubles, and especially if you aren’t in a relationship (where you most likely plan your budget around a private room) the majority of single individuals stay in dorms.

Though this can seem to stymie the idea of free love many hope for while traveling, all potential problems have solutions. Two central items to ponder when intimacy is imminent is how to not piss off or offend locals, as well as how not to piss off or offend those whom you are sharing mutual space with.  Dorms are pretty nasty, loud and difficult to sleep in already, without having to block out the orgasm orchestra. So how do you work around the obstacles?

One way to do this is a strange but commonly used, and freeing activity known as PDA or hooking up in public. This is a great way to get past the problem of dorm living, and as long as you are in a secluded and hidden area, and act in utter discretion, you won’t piss of locals either. This is best done at odd hours in the night. You can also choose to use odd hours during the day to take advantage of an empty dorm room, or empty communal bathrooms (not so cleanly, but hey, neither are you while traveling).

Being open and creative is essential to boning on a budget. You will need to be adventurous and on the look out for safe spots, but all this adds to the experience. Go out there and get some strange on terrace in a strange country!