Capture the flag: Take II

Capture the flag: Take II

Sometimes you just have to kiss and tell.

The green, the white and the green: She was born in this country, and immigrated to Canada, then the U.S. We went to school together and worked together for over three years. Though we are still close friends, before she left for Spain, and me for world travels, we found ourselves finding intimacy on a camping trip out of state. We decided it was a one-time thing, but both are happy it happened.

The red with the white cross: We met while traveling in Asia. Though we had seen each other in a different town, a mountain paradise and shared bungalow was the last ingredient in a wonderful travel love affair. Her eyes were beautiful and my fingers were often lost in her curly hair.

Red and blue stars with quarters: She was an exchange student and aupair in my home city. We met at a bar where magic normally happens, and quickly adopted one another as that summer’s fling. We still stay in touch and talk about meeting again some day in the middle.

Saffron, white, green and a Chokra: Her parents immigrated to the states, and I met her in my home state. She stole my heart, and this particular collection of a flag turned into a long romance. We still stay in touch and flirt with the notion of our love having never ended.

The good ole stars and stripes: Insert almost every other sexual encounter I’ve ever had. Hopefully they mean more than just words on a blog and a notch on the belt.