The Cuckhold

The Cuckhold

The Guardian ran a sex advice column today from a man who was a cuckhold (alternatively spelled 'cuckold) and was worried that his wife was longer interested in playing the part of the wanton wife. According to the Urban Dictionary, a cuckhold is: 


“Not simply a man who's wife/girlfriend cheats on him, but rather a man who actually gets aroused by knowing or seeing her in sexual situations with other men, such as flirting, kissing, fondling, or sex. In particular, situations where he is NOT participating but instead marginalized, just observing, or even completely ignored.”


(The alternative spelling of cuckhold from the Urban Dictionary is much worse; try looking ‘cuckold‘ up and see what kind of definitions you get. None of the definitions with the alternate spellings are all that flattering to the actual ‘cuckold’ or to the size of his member.)

The cuckhold who wrote the sex advice columnist was unabashed about asking the columnist for advice and said that his wife had been responding to his "cuckhold needs" and had been periodically having sex with other men for ten or fifteen years. The columnist advised Mr. Cuckhold to consider his wife’s needs as well, which seems only fair since his wife was the one that was doing all the work.


The columnist then suggested that he could ask his wife to indulge him by sharing fantasies and stories of other men instead of actually sex with other men; again, this seems like a fair compromise for the wife, but a big switch for the man who had been used to his wife occasionally having sex with other men for ten or fifteen years. 


What advice would you give the cuckhold? Do you think there are a fair amount of women out there who are willing to sleep with other men in order to indulge their husband’s sexual fantasies? Or do you think he should just accept it that this particular aspect of his life is over for the time being?