Don’t take the comfortable option

Don’t take the comfortable option

"Taste the rainbow" when traveling

When people backpack and travel (or go to college) they seem to use this as an excuse to become a new person. If they are tight-laced and uptight while at home, their traveling persona will be someone who goes with the flow, and uses phrases like, “chill out, brah.” Along those same lines, people who find themselves being more prude, and less open sexually, tend to dabble in a fair amount of the freaky deaky on the road.

Though sexual exploration, IMHO (yep, just learned this acronym, it means in my humble opinion) is a great thing, I implore those looking to take a ride on the bone roller coaster to really get out of their comfort zone. You are bound to meet people from your home, who look, act and think just like you do, but why settle for this? You are traveling , so experience a new culture!

I’m definitely not an advocate for sex tourism, but if you are consensually fornicating with someone, why not taste the rainbow (or at least some foreign cuisine)? Your home, and people from your home, will always be there, especially when you return as a new, sexually competent casanova. Save the nookie with countrymen (or women) for you return.

Sure, it is easy to read the signs, speak the lingo and hop into bed with someone from home, but don’t fall into that game. Put in the extra effort to learn the body language of someone new, and thank me when you are making beautiful whoopee to a chorus of words you don’t understand.