Fancy a root?

Fancy a root?

Crazy stories from Australian mine workers

I’ve learned a lot of interesting things through travel. In regards to the sexier side of life, I’ve learned a lot about sexuality of different cultures. Both through other travelers, as well as locals, one hears many things that differ from their own culture when their only responsibility during the day is to make sure they eat and get a little culture. One of the most interesting things I’ve learned, though, is about Australian Mine Workers.

Quickly becoming one of the highest paid jobs in mining, Western Australia boasts six-digit salaries to people with little mining experience. This, of course, mixed with the grueling schedule that also gives great time off, is basically an open invitation for young people with little commitment wanting to make money.

While traveling with a German friend who worked in one of these mines, I was told about how hard the work was. This, of course, was followed by how miners get six weeks off at a time, and since they spend most of their working time at the mine (not spending money), young guys, who have been deprived of fun, with a shit load of cash, led to complete hedonism.

Though the details were pretty graphic (apparently this is how two guys talk to one another), what I took away from the conversation is that miners in Australia like to drink and gamble on who can pull the best Barney Stinson-style play at the bar to pull women. Be it acting as if one has turrets, or lying about being a secret agent, the better the ploy, the bigger the pay out. Ladies (and gentlemen alike) watch out for these guys, because work hard, play hard is absolutely a way of life.