The giggler

The giggler

Giggle fits and body convulsions mid-sesh

I know I’ve found myself in uncontrollable giggle fits during the post-game cuddle sesh before, but I was told a story a few days ago that is too good not too share. While traveling on a slow boat in Asia, two new acquaintances and myself began to talk about the deed, quite in depth as well. We didn’t know each other very well, nor have any idea about whom the other was speaking of, so the stories were flowing pretty quickly.

She was from Australia, and was the youngest and kookiest, member of our crew. It was actually her comment that shifted the conversation. While talking about our sleeping arrangement for the evening, she asked if any of us hated being touched? We both replied no, and for some reason, she felt the need to explain herself. 

Her reasoning behind the question was that her most recent ex didn’t like being touched. With some poking and prodding we found out that he was actually extremely ticklish, and so if touched in a certain manor, would end up falling into body convulsions mid-sesh. We laughed, but she seemed a bit disturbed.

The conversation led to a good laugh, and opened a dialogue about the deed. We talked about places, personal preference, among other things, and ended up talking into the late hours of the night. Sex became a fantastic ice breaker for the rest of the time we traveled together.