Maybe Dubai isn't the place for public sex

Maybe Dubai isn't the place for public sex

UK couple arrested for sex in a cab.

This past week, Rebecca Blake of Great Britain and Conor McRedmond of Ireland were arrested for having drunken, pre-martial, relations in the back of a Dubai taxicab. The official verdict is three-months jail time, followed by deportation.

According to police reports and witness testimony from the cab driver, the couple had been drinking heavily all day. After getting in the cab, and the cab driver asking them not to drink anymore, Blake was seen strattling McRedmond while shirtless. The cab driver pulled over next to a police car, and according the arresting officer, Blake was not wearing underwear and McRedmond had his pants down to his knees.

The defense says that the couple was only kissing, and that sexual activity was impossible due to Blake’s menstrual cycle. DNA evidence also alludes to no sexual intercourse occurring at the time of arrest. This is not the first time an arrest like this has occurred. In 2008, Vince Acors and Michelle Palmer of the UK were arrested for public sex on a beach with the sentence being suspended on an appeal.

For those looking to holiday in Dubai (or have landed some high paying jobs), make sure to keep the business locked up like kids trying to hide it from their parents. Though alcohol, nightlife and promiscuity seem to be rampant, Dubai is still a Muslim city. If you do find yourself acquiescing to the heat of the moment, be prepared. Public loving may find you publically humiliated, and spending a few months behind bars. Happy humping, but be safe and smart!