Sex, passion and personal preference

Sex, passion and personal preference

Explore and define your sexuality

Sex is an interesting topic. What makes it interesting is that it is something somewhat taboo, and if you are doing it right, it’s something that is ever-evolving. Sexuality, the act itself, and the culture around it are quite malleable.

For me, I’ve been a person whose morals and ideas around sex seem to fluctuate. When I was younger, these were derived by religion, but as I’ve grown, it has become more of an idea that changes from experience to experience. 

In the past two weeks in particular, I’ve been a bit confused on what positive sexuality means to me. I’ve found myself traveling with an amazing girl, and though we enjoy each other’s company, I’m not entirely settled on how I feel about having a physical relationship. This isn’t to say that it hasn’t been good, nor is it to say I’m upset about it, it is just something I feel unsettled on. Each day I keep exploring our feelings.

When making love in a relationship, there is a passion that is often not found with flings or one-night stands. Though there should be passion in these areas as well, it just doesn’t feel the same when not with someone you love. I know for myself I’m a very passionate person, and without the passion, my sexuality feels a bit empty.

Traveling has opened my eyes a lot to nuisances of my own sexuality, and though it’s still in flux, it has reminded me of an important rule: individual sexuality is something that needs to be explored. Take the time to learn what is right for you. This, in turn, will help you make better decisions for yourself, and will affect your partners in a positive way as well.