Sex Toy Parties

Sex Toy Parties

You may have seen my colleague’s post last year about the various uses for a Twilight dildo; I don’t believe that having a fight a sex party made her particular list, but maybe it should have. I just read this article about a man in Australia who was arrested for brawling with another man (and breaking his jaw in the process) at a sex toy party demonstration.


After the sex toys were demonstrated, one man interrupted another guy to stop a fight, which is ironic since he was the one who eventually was arrested. Unfortunately there isn’t any word as to whether any sex toys were involved in the brawl, which would have made things much more interesting. 


I don’t think that most sex toy parties involve nearly as much violence.


A quick glance on the net reveals that sex toy parties are becoming as popular as tupperware parties; those wishing to host a sex toy party can invite men, women, or both. Most of the sex toy parties that I’ve read about do not involve violence, but work like tupperware parties in that the host or hostess (or the sex toy product representative) receives a cut of the profits for whatever sex toys are sold.


To get a better idea of what a sex toy party is actually like, you might want to read this article describing—and I apologize in advance for using a bad pun—the ins and outs of the “sex party industry” and sex parties. Possibly the most surprising fact that I found about the sex party industry is that sex parties are increasingly common in red states and the bible belt, which could be related to Sex and the City and also because the attendees could keep their sex toy shopping private.  

The sex toy parties sound a little like sex toy classes. From MSNBC:


“Reinertsen, a no-nonsense 30-year-old suburban mom from Shawnee, Kan., goes on to demonstrate “Gigi,” a male masturbation sleeve, by squeezing a generous amount of lubricant into it, then sliding and twisting it up and down the penis-shaped lube bottle.

“This is going to make your job so much easier!”



Of course, cities that are more liberal definitely push the envelope with sex toys; Babeland in Seattle is a perfect example of a sex toy shop that has had an active role in pushing sex toy education. The shop often has interactive classes for couples and singles alike. I’ve never attended a workshop at Babeland, but have a feeling they are a little more interesting than your average sex toy party.