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National Jack-off for Christine O'Donnell (Jerk-off) Day - September 19th!

I know that by proposing a new national day for Christine O'Donnell there might be a few people who would be offended, afterall, the Tea Party backed candidate is pretty controversial and her stance on the issues is what most people in the year 2010 might consider a little dated - but I am proposing a new day in her honor anyway - National Jack-off for Christine O'Donnell (Jerk-off) Day!

I have decided this day should take place annually on September 19th to honor the wide eyed, horse mouthed, conservative. It will be a day of quiet thoughts and muffled moans to celebrate the Senate candidate and all she my accomplish! So grab your tissues, a hand full of your favorite lotion, and send up a cheer to her every year! Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking you to wait - you can feel free to toast her all you like, everyday - all I ask is that you honor Christine O'Donnell on that one special day a year - sort of like Christmas. Here's to you Christine O'Donnell!