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Men: Asshole Marc Rudov is Calling for You to Boycott Valentine’s Day

Don't Do it If You Ever Want to Get Laid Again

Marc Rudov, a self-appointed expert on women, is calling for men to boycott Valentine’s Day--or Nomance Day as he calls it--because in his opinion, Valentine’s Day is all about the woman and not the poor, misunderstood man.  

Marc Rudov’s reasons for boycotting Valentine’s Day are supposedly based on economics; he claims men spend twice as much as women on Valentine’s Day. Let’s suppose this is true for a minute and examine Marc Rudov’s arguments from a purely economic perspective first. Don’t most studies show that women do more domestic chores than men? Don’t women traditionally earn less than men for the same work? Shouldn’t the men want to reward their wives and girlfriends for their work?

Not if your name happens to be Marc Rudov.

Marc Rudov does have an argument or two that holds true; the first that pops out to me is that Valentine’s Day is overly commercial. That’s true, but come on Marc, let’s be realistic. So is every single other holiday. Valentine’s Day is no different.

His advice definitely doesn’t make sense economically, and makes even less sense when you consider it from a relationship perspective. Won’t boycotting a holiday that is important to your wife or girlfriend create a slight (if not major) domestic disturbance in your relationship? Won’t boycotting Valentine’s Day decrease the likelihood of intense Valentine’s Day sex? (I know that it’s a myth that steamy Valentine’s Day sex always happens, but what’s the harm in trying for it?)

If you’re not convinced, watch the video clip below which should convince you of the fact that Mark Rudov is kind of an asshole who is just trying to get attention. He’s acting as if celebrating Valentine’s Day would absolutely KILL him. Which, considering his attitude towards women, it just might.

He’s not the first guy to suggest that Valentine’s Day is inequitable; this incredibly romantic WRITER complained about the unfairness of the holiday and then had the audacity to demand a Lingerie-wearing Holiday to compensate for the horrors of Valentine’s Day.

I have a suggestion for guys out there who feel the same way as Marc Rudov and the other writer: go back to your fraternities and hang out with your brothers the next time you need either cleaning or sex and see how much you like it. Because if your wife or girlfriend is into Valentine’s Day and you boycott it, you won’t be getting either at home for quite a while.