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Now You, Too, Can Have Sex w/the Miley Cyrus Inflatable Sex Doll

The Miley Cyrus sex doll has been on the market for a few days. Gossip sites across the World Wide Web are reporting that Miley Cyrus is not all that pleased with her likeness being made into a real life-sized sex doll and is considering suing the company who released the plastic inflatable sex doll.


Which is a little crazy since being made into a plastic inflatable sex doll is secretly every young girl’s fantasy.


The “Finally Miley” sex doll sold out in less than 48-hours. The specs on the doll are quite impressive:  the packaging on the “Finally Miley”  sex doll promises “3 achy- love holes” and a promise that the inflatable sex toy/doll will “sing into your mic.” The doll is a dead ringer for the real Miley—which is probably why she is (maybe) threatening to sue. There is a version with the singer holding a guitar and another with the singer holding a microphone.


If there are any pics on the net of anyone cavorting with the “Finally Miley” inflatable sex doll, I have yet to see them and most likely wouldn’t be permitted to post anything so vile on this site. (Please don’t let that stop you from sending me your own personal pics with her doll if you have any.)


Truth be told, it’s not all that surprising that Miley isn’t a little more flattered that she has entered into the ranks of other female stars who have also been made into sex dolls. Pipedream, the makers of “Finally Miley” have also created inflatable sex toy dolls bearing the likenesses of: Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera, Pamela Anderson, Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian.” When you consider the reputations of the other girls who have been made into sex dolls--questionable at at best, it’s easier to understand why the former Disney star wouldn’t be happy with the brand new “Finally Milie” doll.


That said, Miley Cyrus doesn’t exactly have the squeaky-clean virginal image that she used to. Just recently, TMZ released footage of Miley Cyrus grinding on producer Adam Shankman shot when Miley Cyrus was 16 and he was in his 40’s. (which makes me kind of squeamish when I think about it.) Miley Cyrus’ dad Billy Ray Cyrus—not known for his protectiveness-- didn’t object to the footage and went so far as to explain her behavior away by stating that: “that’s what kids her age do.” (Which probably won’t earn him any father-of-the-year awards.) Miley Cyrus has also been known to pole dance on occasion.

The "Finally Miley!" doll is also sold through Amazon.