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3 Air-Sex Videos (Some Audio NSFW)

Milwaukee to Host Air-Sex Contest

In addition to being known as America’s Drunkest City—congrats Milwaukee—Milwaukee is fortunate enough to soon be hosting to an air-sex contest. For the uninformed, an air-sex contest is similar to a traditional air-guitar contest. Air-sex contest contestants mimic and mime actual sex acts, but without an actual partner.

The participants have to keep their clothes on, but it appears that anything else goes as the contestants literally mime their way through the sex act. The following are some air-sex contest clips from the Air-Sex nationals, regionals, and at the international level so appear  Milwaukee is not the only city hosting a similar event. (No, it’s not only cheerleading contests that are weird in the US.)

The first air-sex video is the remarkably-creative Slut Truffle competing in one of the larger competitions below.

The next air sex-video is a strange compilation video of air sex competitors competing at the world class level. Sexy, sexy, sexy doesn’t even begin to describe the competitors; some of them are truthfully a little silly as well and a few border on the ridiculous.

And, last, but by no means least, this compilation video of air sex competitors at the 2008 Fantastic Fest will either get you feeling a little excited, make you laugh, or scare you just a bit when you think of having actual sex with some of the more active contestants.