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New Use for Your Inflatable Sex Toy Doll

Man gets a ticket for his fake passenger.

Police Trooper Julie Startup reported that an unidentified man was ticketed the large sum of $124 for the traffic infraction of driving with a fake passenger in the vehicle. This particular fake passenger was an inflatable sex toy doll that was found in the passenger seat posed in a position to look as if she was sleeping, was wearing a brunette wig, and was covered with a blanket.

She did not appear to have been sexually-abused and Police Trooper Julie Startup did not report any sexual misconduct associated with the traffic incident. She did, however, state that the watchful Washington State Patrolman knew immediately that the fake passenger/inflatable sex toy doll was not a real person and that the offender was pulled over immediately.

Let this serve as a warning to you: If you are intending to use an inflatable sex doll toy as a fake passenger to shorten your commute to work, do not buy a cheap version. Instead, pay the big bucks and buy a more life-like replica. Also be ready for questioning at home when friends, girlfriends, and the odd delivery driver spot your inflatable sex toy doll; they are unlikely to believe your true purpose for having an inflatable sex toy doll and more than likely will insult you.

You may also wish to consider a ride-share as an option. This way, you can kill two birds with one stone and meet a real-life woman to share sexual experiences with instead of using an inflatable sex toy doll.