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Man Arrested for Public Masturbation on an Airplane

You can't join the mile high club unless you have a partner....

Masturbating on airlines is not generally considered good form, nor is it legal, which is why the man caught “red-handed” masturbating on a United Airlines flight recently was arrested.

Kyle Pierce was traveling on a United Airlines flight from Spokane, Washington and bound for Denver, Colorado when the 18-year-old female seated next to him had the misfortune of noticing his masturbatory movements, his penis, and his sticky ejaculation into the aircraft seat. She then heard a small noise from Kyle before he got up from his seat.

The passenger seated next to Kyle Pierce was not the only one to notice what Kyle was up to; the passengers behind him also observed him masturbating. One of the passengers took matters into his own hands by hitting Kyle with a book, at which point Kyle reportedly got up and retreated to the restroom.

Kyle was wearing jeans and cowboy boots and was apparently a bull rider and a 25-year-old college junior. Kyle could be fined up to $5000 or be sentenced to as many as 90 days in jail.

Kyle is not the first person to be given the dubious distinction of joining the solo mile high club; merengue star Elvis Crespo was also caught for the obscene act of masturbating on an airplane in 2009. The FBI investigated the merengue star at that time because the incident took place over United States airspace. In the official police report of the masturbation incident, Elvis Crespo claimed that he had not recollection of masturbating on the plane. 

In a more disturbing incident on American Airlines in 2008, a man masturbated next to a sleeping passenger. When she noticed what was happening, she attempted to get the flight attendants to stop the incident, but they didn’t act in time and the man ejaculated in her on the airplane. It was small consolation to her that he was arrested at LAX and the passenger sitting next to the in-flight masturbator ended up suing American Airlines for $200,000 for not protecting her from the masturbator on the flight.

And, of course not every masturbation incident happens on an airplane. Remember PeeWee Herman and the masturbation allegations against him? To this day, he is still claiming that the incident never happened. His proof? The police report said that he was masturbating with his left hand, but he is right-handed. I’ll let you judge that one for yourself.