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Is waiting until marriage still a relevant option?

The notion of waiting or saving yourself still is alive.

It seems these days that it’s very rare to meet someone saving their virginity until marriage. Hell, it seems like it’s even hard to meet people saving their virginity until the meet someone special. The mentality is that all people “saving,” themselves are either insanely religious or else are weird and can’t get someone to touch their no nos without a fat paycheck. 

While discussing the topic of marrying young with some new friends, a girl at the table talked about a couple she knew who tied the knot at 23. They had being dating for ten years (yes, since they were 13), and both had saved themselves for their wedding night. The typical comments, such as how awkward it would be, etc, etc, came up, but the conversation actually gained quite a positive light.

The mixed-sex dinner party was a tiny bit divided on down gender lines, but having sex with someone special seemed to be a desired option. The table was full of people who had been with multiple partners, but besides one Belgian dude who was quite vocal about the what ifs of saving yourself (what happens when I want to know what it feels like to be with someone else?), everyone seemed to agree that if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. Why would you throw away something special, possibly the closest option to perfection, for a taste of forbidden fruit?

Though the idea of modesty and chastity aren’t abundant in society, the notion of waiting or saving yourself still is alive. It may not be as valued in past generations, but the ideas and practices may be making a comeback.